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“Is it too early to send out the Thanksgiving evite?”, I asked my youngest sister via Facetime. Thanksgiving is five weeks away! People are starting to make plans for Thanksgiving this far out, right?!?

I just can’t contain my excitement! Thanksgiving may just be my favorite day out of the whole year! It’s the day that a lot of the people I love meet under one roof and eat until we cannot eat anymore, and then we eat some more!

Three years ago I started our Annual Sweatpants Thanksgiving tradition in which wearing sweatpants and arriving with an appetite is mandatory. Our guests can expect to eat an abundance of all the traditional comfort foods and a variety of homemade desserts. The football game is on the television in the living room, the cornhole boards are set up in the backyard, and at some point during the day someone breaks out the playing cards. There’s fellowship all around and compliments flying around the house about how delicious everything is which makes all the prep work and lack of sleep totally worth it.

A lot of planning and preparation occurs the weeks leading up to Sweatpants Thanksgiving. The menu planning alone consists of group text exchanges with my two youngest sisters (which by the way started this week). We share side item ideas we’ve come across on Pinterest or from browsing the latest fall magazines. Then there’s the detailed cleaning that takes place like deep cleaning the oven in preparation for the big day. Purchasing must have items like a ton of aluminum foil, saran wrap, disposable to-go boxes, and a brand new pair of oven mitts, etc. is crossed off the list and so on….

As Thanksgiving draws near and we’re just days away, the prep work list gets longer and the nights grow shorter. My mom and two youngest sisters are the real MVPs of the whole ordeal. They arrive the Tuesday or Wednesday of the big week and we cook and prep away. By Wednesday night we’re deliriously laughing at every silly thing said but by 3pm on Thanksgiving Day it’s game time and everything is all set to go.

So on that note, I’m going to go ahead and clean out the kitchen pantry right now! Although this task seems like it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, it must be done. I need to make room for the upcoming food purchases. After that I’ll go ahead and send the evite. I don’t care how far out Thanksgiving is. My family knows I’m crazy excited about turkey day.

<3 Big Sis

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