Launch Party ✔️, Now what??

Hi friends!

The launch party was two weeks ago. I’m anxiously waiting for the pictures back from the photographer. Everything went off without a hitch. (At least I think it did).

I met with my publisher this week and came home with a clearer vision of what comes next now that the book is out in the world.

I had this crazy idea that once the book was out, I’d get a little bit of a break to celebrate and just relish in the moment for a few weeks, but I came home after my meeting feeling overwhelmed and anxious as marketing ideas and plans flooded my brain.

When I told my best friend about all my upcoming projects on my to do list this year and my ambitious six month plan, she reminded me that I am not Oprah. Lol. She fuels the fire of my dreams and is one of my biggest cheerleaders, but along with her comment she reminded me that it takes time to build a tribe and not to pressure myself with all the exciting things on my plate in her true concerned friend fashion. Will that slow me down? I don’t know. We’re aiming for a balance of the two and settled on Gayle.

The launch party is behind us. If you weren’t able to attend the party, don’t worry. I’m working on lining up another local book signing event soon. Stay tuned.

So, holy smokes! My book is getting around! It’s available for purchase online on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and now at Books-A-Million!!! It’s also getting some attention in the U.K.?!? It’s been shipped to 11 different cities in the U.S. and if my math is right, it’s circulated to approximately 200 readers since the launch two weeks ago!

My book in Hawaii #AlliLeftUnsaid



I am honored to have your support. I’m touched by every message I receive of how you’re connecting with the book, and how Olivia’s journey is resonating with you in special ways. I want to continue sharing the book’s message with people who need it most and I can only do that with your help.

Here are 5 ways you can help me spread the word:

1. Write a book review. Reviews are so important for the continued success of the book, especially for a newbie author like me. Potential readers base their purchases on reviews. My goal is to get at least 200 reviews on Amazon! Will you help me?

2. Rally your friends and ask for the book at Barnes & Nobles and at Books-A-Million. Both Barnes & Nobles and Books-A- Million are carrying my book online. We can get them to carry the book on site if multiple people inquire about it.

3. Share the book with friends and family. Now that you have a copy, buy one for a friend as gifts or tell them where they can purchase a copy or two.

4. Subscribe to my blog: Big Sister Diaries (if you haven’t already), follow along on social media: FacebookInstagram . Instagram is my preferred hang out spot. I’m aiming to share a little more frequently. Do you guys like Insta stories? I’m working on it.

5. Keep tagging your book selfies #AlliLeftUnsaid. I ran into two friends this week who told me they hesitated posting a picture with the book and ultimately decided not to because they felt they were late to the game. It’s not too late! This is ongoing!

Thank you friends for being by my side and helping me live this dream of mine. Be on the lookout for launch party pictures coming soon! And stay tuned with all my crazy ideas and plans!



 Much love,

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