A Quote for Love Week & Self Love Reminder

I hope you’re enjoying your day and going into this new week with great energy.

I had a busy week last week full of meetings and trainings. The office work doesn’t slow down while away. Despite my frequent 20 second hand washing routine, I’m starting to feel some congestion coming on and I’m fighting it. Agghhhhh I can’t get sick- busy week ahead.

We’re trying a monthly food plan at home this month as opposed to a weekly one. It’s working really well so far, especially on busy weeknights. I’ll have to give you a fair update at the end of the month.

I was semi productive this weekend. I got caught up on This is Us. 😭

I keep telling my husband he needs to be more like Jack Pearson in my red nosed sobby face at the end of every episode. He looks at me like I’m crazy.

I’ve been eating girl scout cookies and watching the Olympics so there’s that. I wrote a couple of articles I hope to share with you soon. Meals got cooked. Laundry is done. The fridge is stocked. But most importantly, we made time to get pampered with massages and guac masks because #treatyoself.

So we barely left home this weekend, but we each did things we love and were stress free. I can’t think of a better way to go into this week. What do you do for self love?

As we enter Love Week, I leave you with this quote. It resonates with me not only because it’s from the legendary Maya Angelou, but because it’s a reminder to me of my word of the year- true, as in be true to you. How are you guys doing with your word of the year? Resolutions? 2018 bucket list?




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