Park Road Books Author Event

Happy Superbowl Sunday!

It’s almost go time! My husband has this tv BLARING at me on this Superbowl pre-game stuff. How are you watching the big game? Are you watching it at all? Will you be tuning in from the comfort of your own home in pjs? Will you be with friends? Family?

We’re heading over to our neighbor’s house shortly. B is a Patriots fan. He wants Brady to get his sixth ring and retire on a high note. I’m hoping for a good game, good time, and some chips and dip.

Author Journey Update:

I wanted to hop on here to share some good news! I got booked for an author event at Park Road Books (insert happy dance). I’ll be there on March 10th from 2pm-4pm for a reading and signing. Wooohooo!! I’ll have to figure out what snippets from the book to read to you :).  I want you there so SAVE THE DATE (and bring a friend)!

Park Road Books Author Event

I want to let you know first because I hope to see your beautiful faces there- especially if you weren’t able to attend the launch party. I stopped by Park Road Books for a visit yesterday to get the lay of the land and of course didn’t leave without a new book in hand. Who goes into a bookstore with the willpower to not purchase a book? Can you do it? Tell me how!? I walked out with Tiffany Haddish’s, The Last Black Unicorn. Have you read it yet?? I plan to dive into it when I get through some of the books I got for Christmas. I’ll let you know what I think of it on goodreads. (Sidenote: Are you a part of the goodreads community? I’m a newbie on there, but working on being active. Find me and let’s be friends!)

Before I leave you to wrestle with mailchimp on how to send this article on my new blog template- I want to ask if you’d take 2 minutes to write a book review for me?? Reviews are SOO important for the continued success of the book. Help me share the book’s message by writing a review on Amazon or on the site you purchased the book from. I would truly appreciate it.

Enjoy your night- however you’re spendng it!

Much love always,

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