I recently had some conflict come up with a close person in my life and it bothered me emotionally and physically.  I don’t tend to experience conflict generally in my personal life, and specifically with this person, and it really burned me up inside.  It felt uncomfortable to sit in this feeling and I […]


Andra Day’s “Rise Up” song is giving me life as I write this post desperately seeking for some healing. Last week was a tough week at home.  One day I’ll tell you about it, but not today.  I don’t have the words yet. Today, I want to tell you about my 2017 word of the […]

A little Patience and A lot of Faith

I’m staring at the small line on my blank document flashing back at me. It’s demanding me, “What are you going to write, Rosy?” “You should’ve started writing hours ago!” “Write something!” “You need to go grocery shopping soon, hurry up and write!” “You haven’t posted anything all month!” Sigh….I wrote in previous posts that […]